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Anonymous Explains TLoK Ending

Anonymous Explains TLoK Ending



my favorite thing in stories is when the antagonist doesn’t die, but instead they realize they were being kind of a stupid dick (maybe because the protagonist saved them or something) and then they have to kind of awkwardly tag along with the heroes in order to make up for their mistakes and gradually become slightly less evil


You attract the right things when you have a sense of who you are.
— Amy Poehler (via chanelbagsandcigarettedrags)

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1. Discredit the witness
2. Introduce a new suspect
3. Bury the evidence
That’s how you get away with murder.

I’m not usually a first-row kind of guy, but I promised myself I wouldn’t hide in the back of the class.


Dear MCU fandom, please take note. (source)


Dear MCU fandom, please take note. (source)

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I know Steve is really talented with his shield and is like an expert with it 

but just imagine him smacking it in his face 

or tripping over it

or waking up in the middle of the night and he shuffles off to the bathroom only to step on the edge of the shield and it smacks him in the shin and he curses loudly enough to wake up the other Howling Commandos who just sit up and start laughing at the way Steve is holding onto his leg and swearing 

Seriously, though, super-soldier or not, watching Steve learn to use his shield must’ve been A+ comedy!

Steve throws it at some HYDRA goons but misses them by a mile and it bounces off a wall and flies out through a window, and Steve is just standing there, whoops, while Bucky rolls his eyes, takes out the enemies with his rifle, and jogs back outside to fetch the shield.

Steve hasn’t learnt the ctrl+c to crouch move yet; he holds the shield in front of his face and a HYDRA sniper shoots him in the thigh. Bucky facepalms because Steve you idiot, the shield only protects the bits of you actually behind it. Eventually, Steve masters the art of hiding his entire body behind the shield, tortoise-style, by ducking and having Bucky chuck pebbles at whatever parts of him are sticking out - of course Bucky has a wicked good aim and an even more wicked sense of humour, and Steve ends up with some rather embarrassing bruises.

The Commandos are on a stealth mission to infiltrate a secret HYDRA base, except the shield slips, falls, and does that rolling-metal-lid-dropped-on-the-ground sound like clang!!-grooiinnng-rooiinng-ooiinnnng-rnnnng-rrnng-rrnng-rrnng until Steve puts his foot on it. Everyone stops and just stares at him.

Also, my personal headcanon is that Steve once bet the shield in a hand of poker and Bucky won it. So it’s actually been Bucky’s shield since October 1944, Steve’s just borrowing it.

I am personally in love with every one of these headcanons, but especially the one about Bucky throwing pebbles at Steve until he learns the tortoise move.



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What’s the source for these? I’ve seen these numbers before and have always wondered, because in

Thanos Sourcebook but they seem to be consistent with most other sources for ones I checked like Adam and Peter (where things like eye color aren’t). With Thanos, his height has varied wildly throughout the years depending on who’s drawing him so I wouldn’t put too much stock in that.

I forgot to add Cosmo but he’s listed as 23”, 70lbs and is, apparently, a golden retriever/ labrador mix.

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#also wait what where’s Phyla RIGHT she wasn’t included.

#also shit Adam’s heavy??  weights being higher seems to be consistent with super strength abilities.




in case u were wondering


"size varies according to length of growth" & "can integrate [plant life] into his own form for additional mass"